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The bfa with CEO Pip Wilkins

Aired  23/05/2024

The Best Franchising Advice

Since 1977, The British Franchise Association – The BFA – has become by far the largest and most influential trade association for franchising in the UK. Leading the charge and influencing change in UK franchising, Pip and her team have created a platform to promote their members’ success, share their expertise and highlight their stories. Pip’s own journey in Franchising is truly inspirational and represents everything that Franchising has to offer…

Southern Fried Chicken

Aired  30/05/2024

From a Home Garage to a Global Franchise Operation...

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Andrew Withers, the son of Arthur Withers, the visionary behind the Southern Fried Chicken franchise. Established in 1973, this iconic brand has brought the irresistible flavours of the American South to fast-food lovers worldwide. Today, we delve into the fascinating journey of Southern Fried Chicken, exploring its origins, the challenges and triumphs encountered along the way, and the future vision for this beloved franchise. Join us as we uncover the compelling story behind the brand that has captivated taste buds for decade

More than Loft Ladders 

Aired  12/06/2024

Driving Success with Core Values
At More than Loft Ladders, values aren't just words on a wall—they're the blueprint for success. Learn how their franchise thrives on integrity, innovation, and teamwork.

Re-energised & Re-empowered
Hear how one franchisee turned potential defeat into a flourishing enterprise through a fresh embrace of foundational values. 🚀
Transforming Franchising
Franchising can change lives! Discover stories of transformation and growth within the More than Loft Ladders network.


Aired  19/06/2024

Tezlom - what’s in a name

We have the privilege of hosting an extraordinary entrepreneur, Ryan Armitage, who has not only reshaped the healthcare staffing industry but has also turned personal adversity into a powerful legacy of compassion and care.
The Tezlom story is a testament to resilience, dedication, and the power of family. We are eager to hear more about their journey, the evolution of Tezlom, and their ongoing mission to foster a culture of care and compassion within the healthcare industry

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