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Tezlom: More Than Just a Name

Explore the story behind Tezlom, a leader in healthcare staffing, shaped by personal trials and triumphs.

Resilience and Legacy:

Tezlom, spearheaded by entrepreneur Ryan Armitage, is not just a staffing agency; it's a tribute to family resilience. After a profound personal loss, Ryan transformed his pain into a powerful legacy, driving Tezlom to promote a culture of care and compassion in healthcare.

Transformation and Vision:

Under Ryan's leadership, Tezlom evolved from its original branding to embody values of transparency and motivation. It's a story of adapting and envisioning beyond traditional boundaries – a narrative that could inspire any sector.


What's in a name? For Tezlom, it's a profound story of passion, purpose, and care. How does your business name reflect your values?

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